NATION poems
Elizabeth Arnold, "At Brú na Bóinne."
Nathalie Handal, "Ways of Rebelling."
Alison Stine, "Suet."
Joel Sloman, "Penzance."
Christina Robb, "Now That April's Here."
Judith Harris, "Neighborhood."
Grzegorz Wróblewski, tr. Piotr Gwiazda, "What Did Clausen See."
C. Dale Young, "Instructions from Lazarus."
Jess Mynes, "written on a paper bag."
Joseph Donahue, "Back."
Joseph Ceravolo, "Untitled," "Hidden Bird," and "Indian Song."
Charles North, "Madrigal" and "Breather."
Andrés Sánchez Robayna, tr. Jonathan Mayhew, "The Open."
Brian Blanchfield, "Superfund."
Lawrence Joseph, "Syria."
Rae Armantrout, "Holiday."
John Godfrey, "Tiny Gold Dress."
Susan Wheeler, "Two poems from 'The Split'."
Elizabeth Arnold, "Flow Dynamics."
Peter Cole, "Of Time and Intensity" & "Tutelary."
David Dodd Lee, "Recipe."
Merrill Gilfillan, "The Road to Hi Hat" & "Cradle Knoll."
Michael Casey, "funeral coffee tea."
Yannai, tr. Peter Cole, "Leviticus Again."
Darcie Dennigan, "The Drought."
John Coletti, "I am not myself."
Ange Mlinko, "Cicadas" & "Azure."
Sophie Cabot Black, "The Suit."
James Longenbach, "Complaint."
Maxine Chernoff, "The Language."
Osip Mandelstam, tr. Christian Wiman, "Black Candle."
Eugenio Montale, tr. William Arrowsmith, "L'Élan Vital."
Cyprian Norwid, tr. Danuta Borchardt, "Their Power."
Pura Lopez Colomé, tr. Forrest Gander, "Ice Cold Water."
Merrill Gilfillan, "Blue Ridge: Streams Are Roaring."
Rodney Koeneke, "slow poem."
Evie Shockley, "improphised."
Abdallah Zrika, tr. Doog Wood, "Letter from a Prisoner."
Kit Robinson, "The Planetary Currents."
Bernard Noel, tr. Elena Rivera, "Tulum."
Rae Armantrout, "Treatment."
Peter Gizzi, "Undersong."
Gregory Pardlo, "Raisin."
Eduardo C. Corral, "Cayucos."
Ed Sanders, "Oreo."
Sidney Wade, "Whimbrel."
Daniel Bouchard, "Onderdunk Road."
Erica Funkhouser, "Kerf" & "Swarf."
Vénus Khoury-Ghata, tr. Marilyn Hacker, "Hordes of trees...."
Karen Solie, "Ode."
Allan Peterson, "Confession."
Kim Chinquee, "Rattles."
Elizabeth Arnold, "Looking at Maps."
Benjamin Friedlander, "Cats Can."
Guillaume Apollinaire, tr. Ron Padgett, "4" & "Hotel."
Paula Bohince, "Spring."
Devin Johnston, "Rough Patch."

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